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  2. Outlook First Time Setup
  3. Outlook Migration
  4. Enabling Security in Outlook
  5. iphone or ipad Setup
  6. IMAP vs POP

Adding a New Account through your iphone or ipad

Step 1. Under your iPhone or iPad settings menu, choose Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, and then Choose Add Account… (see illustration)

Step 2. Under the Add Account menu, select Other from the bottom of the list.(see illustration)

Step 3.Select Add Mail Account… (see illustration)

Step 4.On the following screen, you will need to enter some basic information.

a. Name is the display name that will be shown when you email others.
b. Email is your full email address
c. Password is where you enter your email account password
d. Description is how this mailbox will be referenced on your device

Hit the Next button once you've completed entering this information. (see illustration)

Step 5. On this screen, you will need to fill in the following options:

a. IMAP or POP: This will select the way your iOS device connects to your mail. TNT Dental recommends IMAP for use with mobile devices.
b. Name, Email, and Description should carry over from the previous screen.
c. Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server should both be set the same way:
d. Host Name: The host name will always be
e. User Name: The username should be your full email address. Ex.
f. Password: This is your email account password
(see illustration)

If you see a pop up that says "Cannot Connect Using SSL", please press the "Yes" button to continue.(see illustration)

Step 6. Press Save on the final screen to complete your email setup. (see illustration)

Your iphone/ipad account setup is complete, Congratulations!